Celtic D Tinwhistle – Green with Gold


Made in Britain

  • Green with gold flakes and gold Celtic knot decor
  • Precision Plastic Mouthpiece with Tapered Metal Body
  • Clear, Crisp, Clean Sound with Good Volume
  • Excellent Choice for Both Beginner or Advanced Musicians
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Fingering Chart and Song Sheet Included

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The Clarke Celtic tin whistle is essentially the same as The Clarke Sweetone tin whistle with some upgrades in appearance. it has a green metal flake finish and a gold Celtic knot logo. It also comes boxed and with a larger fingering chart and song sheet enclosed. The Clarke Celtic tin whistle features Clarke’s precision plastic mouthpiece. It is easy to play and produces a clear, crisp, clean, sound with good volume. It also takes very little air to produce a beautiful tone. Because of its excellent play-ability it is well suited for the serious musician and novice alike. The Sweetone Tin whistle has a tapered bore. The tapered sides of the whistle have the effect of bringing the finger holes closer together and increasing the range and accuracy of the higher notes.

A fingering chart, short history and song sheet is included with each whistle. Please look behind the green card that holds the whistle. The Celtic Tinwhistle is available in the key of D.

Downloads: Clarke Song Sheet / Fingering Chart – PDF

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