Tinwhistle Cleaning Brush


  • Tapered nylon bristles
  • Plastic coated metal handle
  • For deep cleaning your tin whistle as necessary
  • For use with Clarke's C or D whistles

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Tinwhistle Cleaning Brush
The Clarke Tin Whistle Cleaning Brush features tapered nylon bristles to match the bore of the tin whistle. The top end of the brush is plastic tipped so it is smooth. The length of the handle is plastic coated for a comfortable grip and the bottom has a large metal loop for hanging. This is not a swab for removing moisture but more of a soap and water deep cleaning brush for occasional use as necessary to keep your tinwhistle clean and healthy. Do not soak your whistle and make sure to prop the whistle up to drain and allow your tinwhistle to completely dry after cleaning before putting it away. If you drink tea like all proper English Tin whistlers should 🙂 It is multi-purpose and makes an excellent tea spout cleaner.

Origin: Made in China
Product Codes: EAN: 8774120033997

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