Tinwhistle by Andreas Joseph – Book/CD


  • For the D Tinwhistle
  • 48 pages
  • Includes instructional CD
  • 44 Tunes from around the world
  • Published by Karthause-Schmulling

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Tinwhistle by Andreas Joseph – Book/CD
This book offers you a course for playing the Tinwhistle based on pedagogical instruction. It was especially developed by music educator Andreas Joseph, who has dedicated his life to the Tinwhistle, it's music, and especially to instructional aids for learning to play. His method makes it possible to learn this instrument quickly and easily. The course is especially suitable for group or individual music students as well as for self instruction. Well-known songs from all over the world, with clear notation and helpful hints ensure fun while learning to play music on the Tinwhistle.

The Tinwhistle is the ideal instrument for music enthusiasts of all ages. Because it has only six no holes, a person needs no special technique in order to play nice tunes. For anyone who wants to advance beyond home music, the Tinwhistle offers the possibility of playing brilliantly as a virtuoso and artistically in concerts.

This book contains 48 pages. Includes Tinwhistle fingering chart, 44 tunes and instructional CD.

Origin: Made in Germany
Product Codes: ISBN: 3-922100-21-X

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