Sweetone C Tinwhistle with Pouch – 18 pack


Made in Britain
  • Precision Plastic Mouthpiece
  • Clear, Crisp, Clean Sound with Good Volume
  • Excellent Choice for Both Beginner or Advanced Musicians
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Tapered Metal Body
  • Fingering Chart,Song Sheet and Suede Cloth Bag Included
  • Available in six great colors
  • Available in the key of D or C

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Sweetone C Tinwhistle with Pouch – 18 pack
The Sweetone Tinwhistle features Clarke's precision plastic mouthpiece. It is easy to play and produces a clear, crisp, clean, sound with good volume. It also takes very little air to produce a beautiful tone. Because of its excellent playability it is well suited for the serious musician and novice alike. The Sweetone Tinwhistle has a tapered bore. The tapered sides of the whistle have the effect of bringing the finger holes closer together and increasing the range and accuracy of the higher notes.

A fingering chart, song sheet and suede cloth bag included with each whistle. The Sweetone Tinwhistle is available in the keys of C and D.

Downloads: Clarke Tinwhistle Fingering Chart - PDF

Origin: Made in England
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