Beginner Book and Pennywhistle Set


  • Affordably priced
  • Easier than recorder
  • Includes Black Meg whistle in 'D'
  • Includes 32 page instruction book
  • CD not included -FREE MP3 Download Link

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Beginner Book and Pennywhistle Set
For just $8.50 per student, we can outfit your entire class with pennywhistles and instruction books. Even in an age of school budget cutbacks, your kids can still experience the thrill, pride, and discipline of marching and playing in a band. The ease of playing across two octaves is where the pennywhistle completely outshines the recorder, making the pennywhistle the perfect instrument for starting a marching band on a shoestring budget. Make some homemade drums and presto, you’ve got yourself a marching band that will bring joy to your children and to your community. Set includes a black Clarke Meg tinwhistle in 'D' and Bill Ochs' "Pennywhistle for Beginners" instruction book. The CD is NOT included, but can be downloaded for free. Pennywhistle For Beginners CD Download

Origin: Made in England (Book: USA)
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